Lead Transformation in Health Care

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If you don't lead, who will? Throughout this hybrid online program, you'll receive invaluable mentorship from esteemed faculty and direct access to industry experts and notable alumni.

The Master’s in Health Care Leadership program provides experienced health care professionals like yourself with the advanced leadership training, management tools, and strategic knowledge to harness and drive positive change. You’ll be well equipped to transform organizations, lead innovation, and advance your career amid the continual disruptions in health care.

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Unlike other programs that focus primarily on theory, this program is offered at the frontlines of health care delivery innovation. You’ll learn from a combination of seminars, online classes, and applied projects led by industry experts.

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You’ll receive extensive leadership development training in addition to learning new frameworks in operations management, strategic planning and communications, data and technology applications, clinical innovations, and finance.

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You don’t have to sacrifice time from your current role to advance your career. Choose from two online programs: accelerated (18 months) or part-time (30 months). Both options include two weeks of on-campus training over the course of the program.

A New Generation of Health Care Leadership Starts With You

Advance further within the ranks of health care leaders from around the world. Empower yourself with a leading credential from the top-ranked Icahn School of Medicine.

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